Wow! Our one-of-a-kind clients made this season incredibly memorable for us. We want to thank each of them and their families for placing their trust and investment in Four Seasons Films! Each wedding is a new opportunity for us to serve our clients with our work.

We've been honored, humbled and inspired to witness and document new beginnings at many amazing weddings this year. These short films will best reflect the depth and uniqueness of our current cinematic portfolio. It is our hope that future clients will be inspired and bless us with the privilege of documenting the sights and sounds of their love stories as well. Happy New Year!


Monisha and Calvin's intimate wedding and reception at the Westin Resort & Spa in Los Cabos, Mexico, was certainly a vision of la buena vida, "the good life!" Good life meaning to be caught up in the divine celebration of a most gracious and caring couple filled with life and love. The bright sun, bronze desert, crashing surf and white sands all rejoiced together as Monisha and Calvin spoke their personal commitments to each other. Paul and I were honored to fly approximately two thousand miles to the tip of Baja to experience and capture the essence of picturesque Mexico for their wedding film. We were extremely impressed with the Westin Resort as an event location and the coordination of events by Lerkia Lee-Tidball was seamless. She and Maryland based photographer, Michael Clark, were a pleasure to collaborate with on this fabulous wedding. As cinematographers, we were blessed with what had to be the most ideal outdoor climate ever for filming. Each day offered a different treasure for us to capture. It truly was an artist's dream. Wherever my eyes wandered, I had to pause and catch my breath. I must admit that even after darkness fell and it was time to sleep, I didn't want to close my eyes for fear that God had something more for me to see. Every day was like this for us and then the wedding day was the absolute culmination of all things beautiful because we witnessed the happiness between Monisha and Calvin. In a wedding vignette that absolutely exudes romance, we are honored to feature their wedding. I am smiling because a deep satisfaction has settled in my heart as I read Monisha's sweet words to us, "Our hearts are filled with joy and excitement knowing we are in good hands. You were so friendly - it was just right that you were there for us." Our sentiments exactly, Monisha and Calvin...Dios Le Bendice!

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Jared C. Kay said...

I have noticed your website a few times in the past, but while browsing the wedding section of Biltmore's site, I just couldn't help but contact you and let you know what an amazing job you are doing. Really! I was blown away by the Biltmore video, as well as the one on your homepage. Being a video guy myself, I understand the level of difficulty, and effort that goes into a project like that. Your team has managed to capture many amazing moments, and present them so elegantly, and seamlessly.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, creative and artistic work. I will be sure to keep an eye on your blog.

Jared Kay
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